Why Landscape?

Most Landscaped Yard people landscape their home because it is the thing to do and all of their neighbors either have or are doing it. Research and realtors say that it will increase the value of your home by at least 10%. It most certainly, if done right, can add to the value and curb appeal, but just as important are other factors.

The creation of outdoor rooms, gardens, and living spaces with landscaping can add to your physical and mental relaxation and well-being. These spaces can be used for recreation and entertainment. Using native species of plants can help the evironment by providing natural habitats for wildlife, songbirds, butterflies, etc. The proper location of trees in relation the house can assist with utility savings by providing shade or windbreaks.

Thus, landscaping can provide intangible benefits to your property, your family and your quality of life.

Why a Professional Designer?

A professional designer can provide a plan that systematically incorporates your wishes into an all inclusive design that can be installed in stages if necessary.

Landscape Drawing The designer can identify the microclimate and site situations of each property and with his knowledge, can guide the client to a pleasing plant design that will thrive and not create extra maintenance. This design can provide seasonal changes in color, texture, and interest.

The designer can show the spatial arrangements between intended uses for areas, how to make them flow together, and provide outdoor rooms for relaxation or entertainment.

Specialty gardens can be addressed if the client is so inclined such as sustainable landscapes, butterfly gardens, wildlife gardens, container gardening, as well as outdoor lighting.

The master plan can be drawn as a living document so that the client can make alterations over time, but the skeletal items of the plan (large trees, hardscaping, structures, etc.) remain situated correctly.

A professionally drawn plan can certainly add value in addition to saving money for the client.